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Ronald C Ard – DDS, Retired – I have known Carly and her family for over fifteen years. I am proud to call them my friends. I have watched Carly finish high school and go into her FBI training. I took her wedding pictures as a family friend. I support her efforts to become one of our Representatives in Washington DC. I have confidence she will be an honest, hardworking member of government with her beloved state of West Virginia always in her sites.

Ballato Brothers Automotive Center – Follansbee
Jonathan Baylor – Public Servant
Tim Bane – Production Supervisor, North America Automotive Division
Brittany Perkins – Assistant Teacher
Charity Gum – Project Manager
Ryan Braun – Facilities Engineer
Holly Haspel – Dental Professional
Bob Haspel – Retired
Myranda Bane – Vet Tech
Barbara Haspel – Sign Language Interpreter
Thomas Bane – Retired
Dianna Braun – Retired
Elizabeth Bane – Retired
Tammy Frascarelli – Teaching Assistant
Kyle Frascarelli – Business Management
Tim Haspel – Steel Worker
Jan Schultz – Registered Nurse
Greg Schultz – Teacher
Kelly Perkins
Joseph Perkins – Service Truck Driver
Gerald Braun – Retired
Deb Henard – Retired
Tom Bane – Teacher
Katrina Hart – Secretary
Brent Hart – Public Servant
David Round – Public Servant
Heather Plum – Nurse
Matt Plum – Truck Driver
Steven Hahn – Dock Worker
Kasey Williams – Retail Worker
Christina Wright – Public Servant
Charles Wright – NCCS (Retired)