Our country faces more challenges now than it ever has and we need people who are not only prepared to deal with these issues head on, but also have the courage and willingness to do so. Sadly, West Virginia leadership is too liberal to meet these challenges.

Is it any wonder that West Virginia is the only conservative state that LOST a congressional seat in the new census? This huge loss will cost our state BILLIONS of dollars, a congressional seat, an electoral vote and many jobs. This is not acceptable!

Even when Joe Biden took office and made killing energy jobs his first priority, our taxpayer paid representatives did nothing to stop him. Nothing.

As your West Virginia Congresswoman, I will fight for our Conservative values every step of the way. I will not let you down.


Our country is facing one crisis after another at an alarming rate. We have a President who is asleep at the wheel, a Vice President that thinks everything is funny, COVID mandates despite lack of scientific evidence of efficacy, a federal government that has hijacked hundreds of thousands of rental units and gave them to people for free.

We have a federal government that turns a blind eye to suspicious voting practices all over the country, and now they are trying to commandeer our election system. Our West Virginia reps have, so far, done nothing to stop it.

We have CRT (Critical Race Theory) running amuck in our nation’s schools, teaching hate and divisiveness. This is out of control and needs to be stopped immediately!

We have Afghanistan. It is shameful. It is disgusting. It is crazy what’s going on over there. And I ask you…. where is the impeachment and removal of this President?

To be sure, I will not shirk from my constitutional duties as a Congresswoman. You can count on it. Please sign up today to volunteer – we need you on board!